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In Red Dead Online, the Collector Role is one of the easiest ways to earn money & XP for the Outlaw Passes when available, and to level up in general. In our Collector Guide, we’ll give you all the details you need to know.

A Guide to earning Money with the Collector Role

The collector role is a great way to earn money, as upon purchasing the role you can start collecting right away, turning any items you find on your travels into cold hard cash!

How does the Collector role work?

When you unlock the Collector role, you’re given a Collector’s Bag, which allows you to find and locate a variety of collectibles all across the frontier, from Tarot Cards to Jewellery or even Rare Coins!

The Collector Bag can be accessed via the role menu in-game, and upon opening, you can easily see what collectibles you have found and what you require to complete a full set.

You can then sell any of the collectibles you find to Madam Nazar for a small amount of cash, that’s after you find her on the map. Madam Nazar will buy any single collectible from you, however, she’ll give you a bonus if you sell her a full collection of items.

You can only collect each of the individual collectible items once per day.

What tools do I need to start finding collectibles?

With the collector role, there are three ways to pick up collectibles:

  • Items you can pick up anytime
  • Items that require a shovel to dig up (available at Collector rank 5 for $350)
  • Items that require a metal detector to locate (available at Collector rank 10 for $700)

Where can I find collectibles?

Collectibles can be found all across the map, in cabins, up trees or even buried in the swamp and there are 17 sets of collectible items in total. The locations of collectibles also change daily, and there are 6 possible locations where each item will spawn.

Using the Red Dead Online Collector Map, you can easily spot where collectibles spawn at any time, as the map gives a pinpoint location for each item along with instructions and what tool may be required.

Selling collectibles

When you find a collectible, Madam Nazar will happily buy the individual items or the full set from you. Below you can see the different sets and their total value.

Collectible SetItemsValue
American Wild Flowers9$155.50
Antique Alcohol Bottles9$160.50
Bird Eggs9$182.50
Coastal Fossils7$217.00
Family Heirlooms15$292.50
Lost Jewellery Bracelets8$271.50
Lost Jewellery Earrings11$364.50
Lost Jewellery Necklaces9$335.00
Lost Jewellery Rings11$378.00
Megafauna Fossils6$321.00
Oceanic fossils7$288.50
Suit of Cups Tarot Cards14$240.50
Suit of Pentacles Tarot Cards14$287.00
Suit of Swords Tarot Cards14$287.00
Suit of Wands Tarot Cards14$239.00

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