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First look at GTA Expanded & Enhanced, delayed till March 2022

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GTA: Expanded & Enhanced
GTA: Expanded & Enhanced

At today’s PlayStation Showcase, Rockstar Games finally shared the first look at GTA Expanded & Enhanced, something fans have eagerly anticipated for more than a year now.

Sadly it was also revealed that Expanded & Enhanced would be delayed, now coming in March 2022.

On their Blog, PlayStation has confirmed that “players can expect a range of technical and graphical improvements” which seems to bring the console versions of GTA V up to parity with the PC release from 2015. Additionally, players can also expect “performance enhancements for select vehicles in GTA Online, and so much more.” – What these additional enhancements will be is yet to be revealed, however, the community are hopeful that Rockstar will provide answers in the near future.

Bonus for PlayStation GTA fans

The exclusive bonuses that PlayStation players of GTA are used to will also be continuing, as players with a PS Plus subscription will receive $1,000,000 in GTA cash per month until launch and GTA Online will be free on the PlayStation store for 3 months after launch.

When more is revealed we’ll update the community, till then, stay up to date by following us at @GTAOnlineRDC!


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