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GTA Online: The Contract – Featuring Franklin, Lamar and Dr. Dre

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Rockstar Games has announced the next update for GTA Online, called The Contract, with characters from the original GTAV story, Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis and Chop the dog all returning to help Dr. Dre track down his phone containing unreleased music.

After speculation that the next update could be delayed, Rockstar have given us a first look at what to expect in The Contract update, which features new weapons, vehicles, properties, new music and radio stations along with new characters we’ll get to meet.

Earlier this year Snoop Dogg teased that Dr. Dre and Rockstar Games were working together again, on some “great fucking music” for Grand Theft Auto, and now we finally know what for. Picking up from where we left Dre back in 2020, during the introduction cutscene for the Cayo Perico Heist, DJ Pooh is looking to Franklin Clinton for help in recovering Dr. Dre’s missing phone, containing new unreleased tracks that the player will have to hunt down.

Franklin, Lamar and even Chop the dog have all been given a new look, helping to show the passage of time from their earlier days in the City, back when they were committing petty crimes, to where they are now leading the F. Clinton and Partner VIP agency.

GTA Online The Contract Release Date

Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTA Online: The Contract will release on Wednesday, December 15th.

Updates typically release from 10am GMT onwards.

New vehicles, weapons, properties & more

The Compact EMP Launcher and Stun Gun will be making their way to GTA Online, along with The Agency, Franklins headquarters in the city and a new rides, with the Enus Jubilee and Debauchee Champion revealed so far.

New music will also be reaching the shores of Los Santos, with tracks from Dr. Dre himself along with more.

GTA Online: The Contract – Trailer

The trailer for GTA Online: The Contract shows Franklin in his new office at F. Clinton and Partner and features a track with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

As always, when more info is released, we’ll keep you updated here and over at @GTAOnlineRDC!


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