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Madam Nazar Location

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In Red Dead Online, players who have went down the Collector role path often find themselves looking for Madam Nazar location.

Every 24 hours at 6am UK time, Madam Nazar moves to a different location on the map and can be quite tricky to find.

This is where comes in super handy!

As Madam Nazar moves around the Map, updates their website to show exactly where she is so you don’t need to waste precious collecting time searching for her.

Why do I need to know the location of Madam Nazar?

As explained in our Collector Guide, players will often go searching for Madam Nazar to hand in completed collectibles sets, to purchase collector tools and other unique items.

You can browse our list of unlockable collector items and our list of Items Madam Nazar stocks.

Madam Nazar location
Red Dead Online: Madam Nazar

The twitter account @MadamNazarIO also tweets about her on a daily basis and our twitter account @RedDeadRDC retweets so follow both accounts to never miss an update from Madam Nazar again!

All Possible Madam Nazar Locations

Full Credit to for the locations above!

Other useful Collector information


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