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Moonshine Shack Locations

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Players often ask, what is the best Moonshine Shack Location? In this guide, we will share all Moonshine Shack Locations in Red Dead Online, along with other handy tips for the Moonshiner role!

The Moonshiners Frontier Pursuit was added to Red Dead Online in December 2019 and with it brought a host of new tools, skills and most importantly, the possibility to own your very own Moonshine Shack!

How to purchase a Moonshine Shack

Purchasing a Moonshine Shack is easy, you just need to be a level 5 Trader, then Cripp’s will introduce you to Maggie Fike who offers you the chance to join her to launch a Moonshine Business.

There are more details about that in our Moonshine Guide

The Moonshine Shack will cost you 25 Gold Bars, and can be set up in 5 different locations.

Moonshine Shack Locations

  • Bayou NWA
  • Grizzlies
  • Hennigan’s Stead
  • Heartlands
  • Tall Trees

Your Shack can be placed in any of the locations above, and all have their advantages & disadvantages.

Bayou NWA

The Bayou Moonshine shack is an average location however is really popular choice as some Online missions do take you to take out rival Moonshine operations nearby and Saint Denis is close by too.

– Flat terrain so deliveries can be easier
– Missions are always closeby
– Easy to make Moonshine with local ingredients (Mint, Vanilla & Creek Plum)

– A lot of players nearby so more risk of being attacked
– Not the best hunting location if you want to keep your Butcher’s Table topped up.


The Grizzlies Moonshine Shack is definitely the least popular location, as the terrain is rugged and is quite remote compared to others, so you can often be left out in the middle of nowhere after completing a delivery.

– Very few players around so safer deliveries

– Really bad terrain which guarantees you will lose some product
– Not near any towns/points of interest
– Can be hard to get to some places

Hennigan’s Stead

Like the Grizzlies, the Hennigan’s Stead Moonshine Shack isn’t really in a great location and the terrain can be annoying to navigate which risks damaging your product.

– Not many players nearby usually
– Short distance for deliveries

– Terrain can be really rough which risks deliveries
– Not too near any useful locations


Like Tall Trees, the Heartlands Moonshine Shack is a very popular choice and is a great location, with hunting, fast travelling nearby plus being in a really beautiful location.

– Great location near Emerald Ranch
– Really good camp locations all around
– Moonshine ingredients can be found nearby
– Great for hunting animals
– Flat terrain, so little risk of damaging deliveries

– Can be very active with players at Emerald Ranch/Valentine

Tall Trees

Along with the Heartlands, the Tall Trees Moonshine Shack is one of the most popular locations.

– Near Manzanita Post fast travel station
– Smooth terrain so less risk of damaging deliveries
– Good camp locations nearby.
– Great hunting nearby in the Great Plains/Big Valley

– Near Blackwater, so at risk of players attacking when delivering to Blackwater camps.
– Watch out for Bears!

Changing your Moonshine Shack location

If you’ve placed your Moonshine Shack and decide it’s not quite in the right place, you can go into the Player Menu and move your Moonshine Shack for $250.

Decorating your Moonshine Shack

When you’ve got your Moonshine Shack setup, there are several decorative items & upgrades you can purchase from Maggie to improve the appearance or output of your Moonshine Operations.

You can find a full list of the unlockable items for Moonshiners in our Moonshine Unlocks Guide.


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