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Moonshiner Unlocks – Red Dead Online

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The Red Dead Online Moonshiner Role is available when you hit level 5 as a Trader, here we list all of the Moonshiner Unlocks.

As you progress through the Moonshiner role, complete missions, stories & objectives, you will begin to earn Role Tokens which allow you to unlock a variety of items.

Most items can be purchased directly from Maggie Fike, who sits in the Moonshine Shacks upper lounge area.

Additionally, it costs $250 to change your shack location, so you may want to check our Moonshine Shack location guide to pick the perfect spot for your own shack.

Moonshiner Role Unlocks available to buy

Level 1 – 5 – Novice Unlockables

Unlockable Item Price
Toxic Moonshine Pamphlet$500
Holme Gloves8 Gold Bars
Levens Gun Belt$215
Crimson & Chestnut Saddle$550
Moonshiner – The Gatlinburg Outfit$250
Bar Expansion$950

Level 6 – 10 – Promising Unlockables

Unlockable ItemPrice
Still Upgrade$825
Moonshiner – The Dagenhart Outfit$348.25
Flammable Moonshine$20
Darrow Buckle6 Gold Bars
Band Expansion$850
Nevin Hipflask8 Gold Bars
Moonshiner Variant Sawed-Off Shotgun$450

Some of the Moonshiner Unlocks, shown below.

Level 11 – 15 Established Unlockables

Unlockable ItemPrice
Norfolk Roadster – Piebald Roan & Rose Gray Coats$550
Levens Holster$150
Still Upgrade$875
Moonshiner – The Pittsburg Outfit$446.75
Savatier Monocle8 Gold Bars
Neat Center Parted2 Gold Bars

Level 16 – 20 Distinguished Unlockables

Unlockable ItemPrice
Hangover Emote$300
Moonshiner – The Wilkesboro Outfit$545
Norfolk Roadster – Dappled Buckskin & Spotted Tricolor Coats$950
Stuart Top Hat$250

Moonshiner Role Level Up Unlocks / Rewards

12 Role Tokens
2Berry Cobbler Moonshine + 2 Role Tokens
32 Role Tokens
4Bootlegger Opportunities + 2 Role Tokens
5Bold Dance + 2 Role Tokens
6Wild Creek Moonshine + 2 Role Tokens
7Ingredients Satchel Upgrade + 2 Role Tokens
82 Role Tokens
9New Buyer Order + 2 Role Tokens
102 Role Tokens
11Cheerful Dance + 2 Role Tokens
12Spiced Island Moonshine + 2 Role Tokens
132 Role Tokens
142 Role Tokens
15Master Distiller + 2 Role Tokens
162 Role Tokens
17Materials Satchel Upgrade 2 Role Tokens
182 Role Tokens
19Protection + 2 Role Tokens
20Rowdy Dance + 2 Role Tokens

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