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Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits

In September 2019, Rockstar announced their first major expansion to the Red Dead Online with Frontier Pursuits which included the Red Dead Collector Role.

A series of unique roles that allowed players to shape their own paths on the Frontier, be it collecting rare items, setting up a trade business or hunting bounty targets!

Red Dead Collector Role

The Red Dead Collector Role was introduced in September 2019 as part of the Frontier Pursuits update.

New collectors will have the chance to introduce themselves to Madam Nazar, the travelling salewoman.

To start down the Collector path, you will have to purchase a Collector’s Bag from Madam Nazar.

After unlocking the Collector’s Bag, you’re able to start searching for a variety of collectible items, from family heirlooms to antiques!

With the aid of collectible tools, such as the shovel, binoculars & metal detector, you’ll be discovering valuables all across the frontier.

Collector Role Progression

As with the other roles available in Red Dead Online, there are four tiers of progression within the collector role, each being earned every 5 levels.

Level 5: Novice – Level 10: Promising – Level 15 Established – Level 20 Distinguished.

Levelling up will earn you Role Tokens which can be used to unlock the collector specific tools, clothing & other items on our Collector Role Unlockable Item List.

Collector Role Tips

  • Madam Nazar changes her location on a daily basis, you can always find where she is using
  • You can send completed collections to Madam Nazar via the Post Office.
  • Using Eagle Eye will help you locate collectibles as they emit a yellow glow effect.
  • Enemy NPCs have a chance of dropping collectible items.
  • Full collections are worth way more than selling single items, as our Collector Guide explains!

Collector Role Guides

The collectible items in Red Dead Online do follow a pattern, and we have a number of useful collector guides available to help you become the most efficient collector around.

You can also read more about the other Red Dead Online roles on our Roles Hub and you can also browse our Roles Information to find useful guides, hints & tips for all of the roles available in Red Dead Online.


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