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Red Dead Moonshiner – Online Role

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Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits

In September 2019, Rockstar announced their first major expansion to the Red Dead Online with Frontier Pursuits which included the Red Dead Moonshiner Role.

A series of unique roles that allowed players to shape their own paths on the Frontier, be it collecting rare items, setting up a trade business or hunting bounty targets!

Red Dead Moonshiner Role

The Red Dead Moonshiner role was introduced to Red Dead Online in December 2019.

To begin your journey into Moonshining, you must be an active Trader who is at least level 5.

When you hit level 5, Cripps will introduce you to Maggie Fike, who proposes you join her in setting up a Moonshining business.

After meeting Maggie at Emerald Ranch, you will have the option to purchase a Moonshine Shack and choose its location. Our Moonshine Shine locations guide can help you choose the perfect spot for your shack!

From there, Maggie will have you complete story missions and quests that will earn you XP to unlock awesome rewards:

  • Bar Expansion – Construct your own bar at your Moonshine Property
  • Flammable Moonshine – A highly potent alcohol that can be poured and set alight.
  • Various pamphlets & more.

Moonshiner Role Video Walkthrough

Youtube Channel Red Dead Online guides shows the initial introduction & cutscenes featuring Maggie Sike.

Moonshiner Role Progression

As with all Red Dead Online Roles, there are various levels of progression, with players earning a new title every 5 levels.

Level 5: Novice – Level 10: Promising – Level 15 Established – Level 20 Distinguished.

Each rank you earn will unlock Role Tokens which can used to redeem various role specific unlockables.

To see all of the unlockable items available as part of the Moonshiner role, we suggest browsing our Moonshiner Role Unlockable Items list.

You can view details on all other Red Dead Online Roles on our Roles Hub.


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