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Red Dead Online: The Naturalist now available!

News - Red Dead Redemption · · by Magnar

The latest update to Red Dead Online, The Naturalist is available now on all platforms!

The latest update includes a new role, a new Outlaw Pass, an updated advanced camera and much more!

The Naturalist Role

The Naturalist Role introduced you to Harriet Davenport, an accomplished conservationist looking to protect wildlife and learn all there is to know about the animals across the five states.

You will also be introduced to Gus Macmillan, a retired big game hunter who is looking for recruits who are more interested in fine animal clothing than conserving the wild.

Legendary Animals

The Naturalist Role also sees legendary animals introduced to Red Dead Online, they can be discovered in free roam or via special missions assigned by Harriet.

When you purchase the Naturalist Role, Harriet will provide you with a Legendary Animal Map which can be used to seek out the rarest Wildlife there is.

It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll take samples for Harriet, or the hides for Gus.

Outlaw Pass 3

The 3rd Outlaw Pass is also now available, costing 40 gold bars and offering players 80 levels worth of rewards.

More to come!

There is also more to come, with more Legendary Animals being added, gameplay updates, more clothing items and an enhancement to the Collector Role.

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