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Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits

In September 2019, Rockstar announced their first major expansion to the Red Dead Online with Frontier Pursuits which included the Red Dead Trader Role.

A series of unique roles that allowed players to shape their own paths on the Frontier, be it collecting rare items, setting up a trade business or hunting bounty targets!

Red Dead Trader Role

The Red Dead Trader role was introduced to Red Dead Online as part of the Frontier Pursuits update in September 2019.

Cripps who has helped maintain your camp since the start of your Online journey has a business proposition for you.

He wants you to partner with him to found the Cripps Trading Company.

For an initial investment of 15 Gold Bars, players will unlock the Butcher’s table which will get your Trading Company up & running.

After unlocking the Butcher’s Table, players will be able to collect animal carcasses and other animal parts that can be donated to Cripp’s.

Cripp’s will turn your donated materials into goods that can be sold to distant & local buyers via the Butcher’s Table.

Players will also have access to a number of Trader specific tools & skills, such as the:

  • Stew Pot
  • Weapons Locker
  • Medium Delivery Wagon
  • Satchel Upgrade & more!

Trader Role Progression

As with the other Red Dead Online Roles, there are four levels of progression with a new title being earned every 5 levels.

Level 5: Novice – Level 10: Promising – Level 15 Established – Level 20 Distinguished.

When levelling up, you’ll earn Role Tokens which can be used to redeem & unlock different Trader Role upgrades and items.

You can see a full list of the unlockable items, skills & tools as part of the Trader Role on our Trader Role Unlockable Items List.

Trader Role Tips

  • When hunting, you can stow one carcass on your horses back and two carcasses on the saddle.
  • Cripp’s accepts birds and most animals, however he doesn’t accept Alligator skins/Fish
  • You should not skin an animal before delivering to Cripp’s, he prefers them whole!
  • Long distance deliveries earn you more cash.

You can also read more about the other Red Dead Online roles on our Roles Hub and you can also browse our Roles Information to find useful guides, hints & tips for all of the roles available in Red Dead Online.


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