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Role Tokens are a unique currency introduced to Red Dead Online as part of the Frontier Pursuits update in September 2019.

The Frontier Pursuits update initially added three unique roles with another being added as part of the Moonshiners update. These new roles allowed players to shape their own paths on the Frontier, be it collecting rare items, setting up a trade business or hunting bounty targets!

Earning Role Tokens

Currently, the only way to earn tokens is by levelling up one of the four the Specialist Roles available in Red Dead Online. The currently available roles are the Moonshiner, the Trader, the Bounty Hunter and the Collector.

Every time you level up within one of the Specialist Roles, you earn 2 Role Tokens that can then be used to unlock specialist items unique to each of the four roles.

Using Tokens

Tokens can only be spent on the role specific items, they’re not used for any other unlocks in the game. Unlockable items can cost 1 – 3 tokens depending on the item level in relation to your level within each role.

You can see all possible unlockable items that can be bought with your tokens on our Roles Guide hub:

– Bounty Hunter Role Unlocks
Collector Role Unlocks
Moonshiner Role Unlocks
Trader Role Unlocks

Each set of unique role specific items are also locked behind the tiers within each role. As an example, a level 1 Trader will only have access to the Novice Trader level unlocks which usually only cost 1 token per item, however, a Distinguished Level 20 trader will have access to all of the unique items which may cost 1 – 3 tokens for each item.

You can view more details on all of the Red Dead Online roles via our Roles Hub.

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